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1.     Register as a coach/admin through Affinity. 
Log on to the Affinity Site

a.      If you do not have an existing account, click on registration on top right and then create an account with id and password. Log in and go to My Account and create new registration. 

b.     Then register coach/admin (not player). Then follow the prompts.



2.     Complete a Full Background Clearance:

a.      Complete PA-State Criminal Background Check  

                                               i.     Select “Submit a New Record Check”. 

                                              ii.     Complete the required information. 

                                            iii.     Once your record request is processed, you will see proof of the transaction with a Control

                                             iv.     Number and the date you are processing the request. 

                                              v.     When the “Search Results” table appears, click on the “Control Number.” Once you click the

                                             vi.     Control Number, the “Record Check Details” page is opened. 

                                           vii.     The Record Check Details page is only a receipt and not acceptable as a clearance. 

                                          viii.    Important: print this page. With this information, you will be able to reprint the clearance information should you lose it. 

                                             ix.     Click on “Certification” to access your official clearance.

                                              x.     Call 1-888-783-7972 if you have questions


b.     Complete Child Abuse History Clearance

                                               i.     This is an online procedure. You will need an email address to create an account. In addition, you must provide your past addresses since 1975 plus the names, relationship, and ages of all individuals with whom you have resided since 1975. 

                                              ii.     Click the box, “Create Individual Account” and create a new Keystone ID before you begin your application. You will receive a temporary password sent to the email address provided. Close the website.   

                                            iii.     Retrieve your temporary password from your email.   

                                             iv.     Open the website address again. Login, enter the Keystone ID you created, and the temporary password that was emailed to you.   

                                              v.     Follow the directions to create a new password (this will be your permanent password);  write down your User Name (Keystone ID) & Password for future reference and use.   

                                             vi.     Follow the prompts to apply for your clearance.   

                                           vii.     You will have immediate access to your results, or the status of your results if your results cannot be processed immediately.   

                                          viii.    Please retain a copy for your records


    c. Complete the SafeSport Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Training

                i. FOR NEW COACHES use this link:

ii. The link has a code embedded in it to ensure you access the courses you need and should not be asked to pay a fee.

iii. The link should immediately take you to the signup screen. New coaches will need to create a new account here by filling out all the required fields.

.      You may leave Organization Member ID Field blank
.      For Name of Sport or Organization Field, enter “PA West Soccer”
.      After all required fields are filled, click sign up button

Accept/Agree the license agreement on the next screen

You should now be taken to your Safesport dashboard screen. There should be a box on the left middle of the screen that says “My Courses”. Click this to go to the My Courses screen and you should see one course that is 90minutes duration for “Safesport Trained Core: Safesport Trained – U.S. Soccer Federation”

There should be a start button on the course to select to run through and complete the course.

Upon completing the course there should be an option to select certificate instructions which provides a document stepping you through downloading process.

You can access your certificates by clicking the 3-Bar “hamburger” menu at the top right of the website and selecting Transcript.

Select the download button on your certificate to save it locally on your PC. You will be ale to upload it to the PA West Affinity site as part of the coaching registration process.


1. The link should take you to the signup screen, however existing coaches should be able to just click the login button on the top right and sign in from there.

Upon successful sign on, the enrollment key window should pop up and contain the code that is embedded in the above link. Click Enroll button here.

The screen should then switch to have a My Courses Button. Click this button and you should see a list of any courses yet to be completed.

Complete any uncompleted courses.

Your Safesport should update automatically in PAWest. If not and you are asked to provide the certificate by a club member, you can access it by clicking the 3-Bar “hamburger” menu at the top right of the website and selecting Transcript.

. Select the download button on your certificate to save it locally on your PC.


    d. Complete the FBI History Check(if you have not lived in PA for 10+ years – 

                                               i. This link will take you to the page managed by Identogo
for the Commonwealth of PA to help individuals attain an FBI clearance.
The service code to apply for volunteer fingerprinting is 1KG6ZJ
The approximate cost will be 21.35. 


e.     Print and have Notarized the Volunteer Affidavit Form - (if you HAVElived in PA for past 10 years)

                                               i.     If you have lived in PA for more than 10 years

                                              ii.     Print and have it notarized. 


The Clearances will be sent to you electronically via your email. (The PA Criminal Report can be accessed immediately upon completion. The Child Abuse History will come via email notification when processed). 


3.    ONCE YOU HAVE ALL 3 DOCUMENTS (Criminal Record (PATCH), Child Abuse History Clearance (CY113), SafeSport Certificate of Completion, and either the notarized affidavit or FBI Check, you will complete the final step.


4.    Complete the PA-West Risk Management Registration and Upload 4 Documents
Please note, this is to link your Affinity account to PA West. While the user interface looks similar, this is a PA West database.

a.     Go To PA-West Risk Management registration login:

                                              ii.     Follow these steps:

                                            iii.     Log in using Affinity ID and password for coaching registration

                                             iv.     Click on Create Registration

                                              v.     PA Background check will be highlighted – click Continue

                                             vi.     You will see your name and any other family members – click Continue

                                           vii.     Click on Register as Coach / Admin next to YOUR name at top

                                          viii.     At Drop Down Box under Play Level click Background Check (it is the only option)

                                             ix.     This brings up all of your info previously input to Affinity (name, address etc...)

                                              x.     Under Personal Information section click on box that says “click here to show photo or certification upload”

                                             xi.     5 Boxes will appear – one for photo (only needed if coaching travel for ID card), other 4 boxes are to click and upload the 3 needed documents from your computer – PATCH Box is for the Criminal Record Form, CY113 is for the Child Abuse Clearance and then you click on either the affidavit box to upload notarized form OR the FBI History box

                                           xii.     Once you have uploaded the 3 documents be sure to click on SAVE bottom of page (all of the fields with red asterisks will need to be complete as well).

                                          xiii.    This will save the documents your profile and PA-West will review and your account will be automatically updated to “approved”. This will be in place for 5 years.

Thank you for your prompt cooperation and completion of these steps. While it may seem cumbersome, it is well worth the safety of our children!!

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Shaler Soccer Club

P.O. Box 342 
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Shaler Soccer Club

P.O. Box 342 
Glenshaw, Pennsylvania 15116

Email: [email protected]
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