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Shaler Soccer Club

January 26, 2020

6pm to 8pm



Samantha Brillion
Andy Jones
Julie McDermott
Amanda Fine
Heidi Sasson
Harold Schmidt
Stacie Schmidt
Courtney Bianchi
Kim Rios
Jason Quinn
Jim Marsula

Guest Speaker:

River hounds – A representative from the Riverhounds spoke about partnership opportunities. 


Club Announcements: 


·       Vision 2020

o   Consistent Government

·       New Policy - Play Up Check List - discussed at PDC meeting and draft is prepared.

·       Refresh Player Safety Policy to mirror PA West Policy

o   Engaged Parents

·       SSC Alumni - Limited engagement so far, looking for ideas for better engagement

·       More emails through season, weekly updates

·       Monthly Pick Up Games for Adults

·       Weekly Pick Up Games for Youth with food drive

o   Proper Communications

·       Rained Out now charges for the service $.04 per message.  Need a motion to accept charge for 2020 - No Motion Made

·       Look to Rained Out on 1/30-1/31 to promote close of registration

o   Focus on Fun & Development

·       U4 Coaches Guide draft available and under review by PDC

·       February Foot Skills - 72 players registered as of 1/20

o   Programs for All

·       PDC is exploring merits of a competitive team in certain age groups based on player ratings.  No proposal has been made to bring before board at this time, this will continue with our idea of "right sizing" teams based on player rating to ensure they are playing at the appropriate division.

o   Community Minded

·       SSC TRUE COLORS - looking for next opportunity, North Hills Community Outreach, Hearth - Communications to investigate

o   Great Partnerships

·       Looking to form new relationships within the township office (as folks are retiring) as well as school (with AD, boosters) - Target time in March with Exec Board, PDC and invite School coaches and AD

·       Other organizations are looking to partner, how do we wish to proceed? i.e. Swim program is going to have a table of post swim season activities, deck hockey would like to partner, etc.  Possibly School Student Coaches

·       Referee Recruiting

o   Supported Volunteers


·       New Coaches Meeting - Undercliff - Demonstrate registration affinity/BS, walk through coaching's basics and licensing/clearances

·       Coaches Clinic - TBD - focus on reviewing basic coaching techniques, how to use coaching guides, work with PDC and commissioners, also DOCs from PA West will be visiting clubs to support.

·       Coaches Meeting - 2/20

·      Events - Who is taking Point?

o   1/26 PA West Meeting for Pres/Vice Pres of Recreation

o   2/27 PA West Meeting for Registrar and RecreationalProgram Admin

o   3/1 Team Declaration

o   3/5 PA West Coaches Meeting for all Recreational Coaches

o   3/28 Easter Egg Hunt - Amanda


Vice President Recreation-Jim

·      Price reduced for 4v4 Grassroots to $35

·      PA West Director of Coaching will be working to provide clubs with constructive and appropriate methods of keeping the score from running up, as they become available, we will provide.

·      Proper Weighting for player ratings - input from coaches on board and PDC prior to implementing

·      Travel Admin [Courtney]:

o   Coaches Clearances - Kim to walk both through Clearances 101

o   Tournament Opportunities - List of Local & Not so Local

o   Meeting with Marc - Ref Scheduler

·      Fields & Equipment [Jason] :

o   Inventory Needed -

o   Nick procuring flat cone (dots) for the February Foot skills

o   Anderson Goals, Scott Goals?

o   Yard Signs, Banners - Andy


Vice President In-House-Amanda


·      Commissioner Coordinator [Julie]

o   Coaches Clearances - Kim to walk both through Clearances 101



·      Communications [Sam]

o   Punch List on final communications activities during registration

·      Permits [Harold]

o   Marzolf secured through end of March

o   Permits submitted for Anderson and Scott (partial)

o   Township fields cannot be submitted until 3/1

o   Half Scott & Anderson MWF beginning mid-March



·      Registration Numbers - 270 total last Spring

·      Uniforms - GPSA, meet with them. Targeting week of



·      Working with Tad on transition

·      PayPal & Venmo being researched

·      503c (3) research is underway

·      Concessions [Sean]

o   On Demand Gear offered at stand

·      Sponsorship [Andy]


New Business


·      Adopt Play Up Check List Policy (Motion Jim, Amanda Second) The verbiage on page 1 to be used as response to play up requests while specific criteria will be held within the board.  Accepted

·      Adopt PA West Youth Athletes Health, Safety and Welfare Policy (Motion Jim, Julie Seconded) "We have adopted the PA West Policy 100-8 Accepted

·      Offer 25% of grassroots license (only) as discount per player registration where coach uses their license effective Fall 2020 (Motion Jim, Julie Second) Head and Assistant with License will receive credit with checks being issued to coaches at end of season once Player Evaluations have been submitted and accepted. Accepted

·      Spend $75-100 for retirement gift (Motion Harold, Jim Second) for Sherry Martin Admin Asst Township Accepted


Contact Us

Shaler Soccer Club

P.O. Box 342 
Glenshaw, Pennsylvania 15116

Email: [email protected]

Shaler Soccer Club

P.O. Box 342 
Glenshaw, Pennsylvania 15116

Email: [email protected]
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